Rooms Outside

Deciding on having an outdoor room can be said to be justifiably a wise investment decision, particularly from adding more space to your lifestyle requirements being for work or personal. Consideration is taken being that of a professional studio, home office, parent’s retreat, workshop, children’s play area or any other flexible space that suits your needs.

Whether you prefer modern or traditional, classic or contemporary, even functional we can be part of your solution to construct your new room outside.
Many of our customer’s commission us to construct toilets, showers, and outdoor kitchens for rooms outside, all of which we can connect to the existing house systems. The cost and type of system that we use to deal with the services varies from site to site depending on local conditions and needs to be evaluated by one of our specialists.

Subject to a site survey we can also provide you with the connection of the services for example; electrical supply from the outside space to your existing house – broadband, intercom, TV and alarm cabling. Plumbing services from drainage to sewerage waste, and permanent gas supply for BBQ or outdoor heating.